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✦ BLOG ✦ — whale

🌊 Weebeach!

Nichole Lillian Ryan

Tags hematite, mermaid, moon, moonstone, pearl, pyrite, shop update, weebeach, whale

🌊 Weebeach!

It’s time to visit weebeach! Where the ocean waves like a friend and the sand sparkles like sugar cookies…. Mmm. Oh sorry 😅 got lost in thought!  During the night I met a beautiful mermoon weebeast named Umbra, she loves the starry skies and was swimming by when our visit was cut short by our pal Humdrum, the robo-whale weebeast, when he barreled in because he thought for sure we had all the popcorn nearby!  Shop update: MONYAY 7/12/ 21 at 12 pm EST / Detroit   WEEBEASTS for adoption will be: ✦ Umbra - Mermoon Weebeast #309 with moonstone & pearl life source earth...