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Wif the Wizard weebeast with faq signGreetings friends! Wif the Wizard is here to help you answer any FAQ, if you need more assistance he will be there at the wave of his wand, just contact away!



🇬🇧 United Kingdom Pals:

I will continue to ship to the United Kingdom with a few stipulations.

🇬🇧 Please read through everything throughly and if you have any questions please ask!

🍿 Long story short:

Shop updates will continue as always to everyone including the UK. After the sale, anyone in the UK will be contacted by me, the order on weebeasts.com will be FULLY refunded then the same exact purchase will be set up for you privately as reserved listing at Etsy.com.

FULL DETAILS : Please read throughly

  • In order to allow everything to continue to go smoothly with shop updates and make sure everyone has a equal chances to get the items they want. Shop updates will continue as usual in weebeasts.com. VAT taxes may be included here when you order.

UK adopters, AFTER you complete the purchase at weebeasts.com:

  • I will get in contact with you via email.
  • Confirm with you that you have read these guidelines and that you have an Etsy account or will create one to purchase your exact order there including any VAT or customs fees that are estimated to be 20% of the total cost.
  • Once your Etsy is set up. You will be FULLY refunded on weebeasts.com for your order  then you will then be required to purchase the exact items you were refunded for at Etsy as a reserved listing just for you - that listing will include any VAT or customs fees which is around 20% of the total cost.
  • Please note shipping costs on weebeasts.com and Etsy may slightly vary, I have no control over this.
  • Etsy collects and remits VAT on my behalf and will have a VAT number for customs forms to go though properly at the border.
  • Orders LESS than £135 will be required to pay VAT at the time of sale. Orders more than £135 will be required to pay VAT upon delivery. All sales will be finalized and shipped through Etsy for proper VAT and customs declarations forms. 

I know this is an extra step for anyone of you in the UK that want to adopt a weebeast, and I appreciate your understanding in making this possible. This is the only way that I can continue to offer shipping to the UK.

Please do not make a purchase unless you are prepared to have an Etsy account and make the final purchase there for the VAT taxes and forms to be handled properly.



All weebeasts go up for adoption about every two weeks, along with some limited edition variants throughout the year.
If you’d like a heads up you can join the weemail newsletter or you can check in on my Instagram bio. Next update info is always there as well.
  • WeeMail (email newsletter) is sent the day before each update sharing info and photos of all the Weebeasts in the update, along with a preview of their specimen cards, pricing and any custom spaces that will be available. You can join the Weemail on the bottom of the page. If you do join please ADD greetings @ weebeasts .com ( without  spaces) to your saved contacts/ email address book to make sure it doesn’t go to your spam folder. 😉
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Here are some helpful tips for you to have best chances at getting the weebeast of your dreams because they do sell out within 5 minutes sometimes so it’s best to be prepared.
  • Create an account on before adopting! Although not required its recommended... An account allows you to save your address and/or edit it before checking out, along with the peace of mind to manage and track the status of your orders and easily find how to  leave reviews!
  • Set an alarm on your phone and bookmark weebeasts.com - set your alarm a few minutes before the time of the sale. 
  • Log in and arrive a few minutes before the update. Continuing to refresh the shop update  page a few minutes before the designated time is the best way to see them appear, because they will not be shown until they are available.
  • Items are not held for you in your cart! Whoever goes through the checkout process first gets the item first, if you're not sure check your email you will always get an order conformation if your order went though. 
  • There is not a limit on the amount of weebeasts you can adopt per update. 
  • If you have not made a purchase at weebeasts.com before, your shipping and payment information will not be saved - at this time there is only one workaround which is to purchase this coloring page which allows you to make a small purchase to lock this information in with Shopify Pay. No refunds on this item. Please read the full description at the coloring page to get the details. Thank you. 
  • Cross your fingers and hope you get the Weebeast of your dreams! Thank you for your love and support! 
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  • Adult weebeasts are $85
  • BB weebeasts are priced $32
  • This is not including shipping. Shipping is calculated to your location upon checkout.
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  • Want to share your review? After adopting you can leave a review of your experience and share your photos too! It truly makes my heart smile hearing from you, knowing they are happy in their forever homes ready for fun and sharing smiles and joy! Of course you can also share #weebeastadventures on instagram too!
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  • Customs are currently only offered in shop updates as an item for purchase to reserve your spot. They are sold as first come first served basis. By purchasing that item you are reserving your spot to have a custom weebeast made just for you.
  • I do not take on or have a wait list for custom weebeasts. Customs requested via emails/direct messages are rarely if ever taken, sorry. Please try in the shop updates. This keeps things fair to everyone.
  • Custom BB weebeasts starting price at $38
  • Custom BIG weebeasts starting price at $100
  • Prices will adjust from the starting price for complex requests. Such as gradients/ombré or swirled mixes of color, tentacles (legs made with octopus suckers) wings, obscure poses, "wiggly" jointed limbs, specific markings or detailed requests etc...Once you purchase the reserved listing we can discusss what you'd like for your custom, and if there will be any additional costs. If there are add ons they will need to be paid before the piece is made for you.
  • Like all weebeasts, purchasing a custom weebeast does not transfer any reproduction rights to you. I reserve the right to use your custom along with photos of it, any info on its specimen card at my discretion for any purpose. Of course, if I share on Instagram and you’d like to be tagged, I’m happy to do so. ;)
  • Do you do trades?
  • No, sorry. I'm afraid I will no longer be taking on any trides at this time, sorry.

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  •  To help your weebeast last for years please avoid prolonged sunlight or extreme temperatures. ( ie: car dashboard ) Although they are waterproof, avoid submerging in water for extended periods of time, as they can can become grumpy little soggy popcorn butts... Wire is used in delicate areas, such as antennae, but please handle with care.
  • Polymer clay is quite durable and is a plastic once cured but it can still break if dropped, especially at small / jointed areas. They do love #weebeastadventures so if you take them along with you I recommend packing them in little plastic/tin container with cotton balls, a piece of popcorn as a snack, he hee. I have done this many times with my personal collection without any issues.
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    FAN ART?!  
    • Do you allow fan art? I LOVE fan art! I just have some simple rules, check out the blog for all the do's and don'ts for making weebeasts fan art! Thank you for asking, I can't wait to see!
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    • What materials do you you use? Currently I use Premo Polymer Clay along with an assortment of pastels and pearl ex pigments.
    • What are some clay tips you have for a newbie? Search for 'polymer clay tutor' on YouTube, but most of all experiment and have fun, mess up, and enjoy the process!
    • How do you keep white clay clean?
    • It's not easy haha. I always wear gloves anyway but it helps, Use baby wipes for surface and tools, lint rollers and a piece of white scrap clay to roll in your hands before touching your project and wearing light color shirt helps any lint from picking up on to the clay and if it does washi tape helps pick it off or with rubbing alcohol on a small q tip on raw clay, but only do this when you are all done because it does dry out the clay. 
    • When ever I use white clay, I found its is always best mixed this way:
    • 1/3 white clay, 1/3 white translucent , 1/3 pearl ( add a pinch of Sparkley white too if you want, it’s fun!) It’s still white and beautiful and it makes such a big difference in the linty bits!
    • What tools to you use? You can see many photos of them often my instagram, most of the tools I use aren't made for clay specifically, I just use what works for me. small dotting tools, dental tools, needles... toothpicks, tooth brushes, straws, ceramic tools etc... have fun you never know what you'll find, but most of all my hands are my most valued 'tools'.
    Copyright Notice:
    Your purchase does not transfer any reproduction rights, be it personal, resale or wholesale, trade or for personal gain.
     All work, and content herein unless otherwise noted is copyright © Nichole Lillian Ryan / weebeasts -  all rights are reserved.
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