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Springtime BB variants! Free panda bbs!

Nichole Lillian Ryan

🌻 Hiya pals, sending you lots of sunshine filled hugs! It’s time for the spring bb variants ! This year it will be Joy, Sheebs, Fee Thunk and Prunella!

❤️ Available 4/22 at 7 pm EST

Sunflower bb weebeasts with tigers eye

These are limited edition version of a previously made weebeasts


Each bb will be numbered and come with a unique clay charm that is numbered to match the bb number, this clay charm won't be the standard leaf charm that normally comes with bb's. These cuties will have sunflowers.


The bbs are as numbered :

16 - Joy

17 - Sheebs

18 - Fee

19- Thunk

20 - Prunella



The next two free panda bb weebeasts will be available- The lovely panda and sky panda! 🐼

Each panda has a flashy labradorite life source bringing balance, which may be helpful during this time of our lives.💓


* These two will be listed at .50 - I will refund after shipping unless a note is left otherwise. Free shipping to the US - ( international will have to pay for shipping )


🍿🐼 ONLY ONE FREE panda bb per person over this period of time.

If you order more than one panda bb your order will be canceled and it will be put back in stock. Thanks for understanding!

Let’s share some joy!

Wee Luv you!


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