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Wee Support ~ Coastal Bend Cats & FREE pandas!

Nichole Lillian Ryan

Hiya! Hope everyone is doing alright.💞 It’s time for anothe Wee Support! Two weebeasts were made in the honor of some fallen friends, Axe and Nova.


For this wee support thr proceeds from their sales will be donated to coastal bend cats a nonprofit organization that does foster and rescue work for cats and kitties in need.


Axe and nova weebeats giggle

There will also be two FREE panda bb weebeasts this update and for the next 7 updates following!

Free panda bb WEEBEASTS with labradorite

* These two will be listed at .50 - I will refund after shipping unless a note is left otherwise. Free shipping to the US - ( international will have to pay for shipping )

🍿🐼 ONLY ONE FREE panda bb per person over this period of time. ✨
If you order more than panda bb your order will be canceled and it will be put back in stock. Thanks for understanding!

Wee hoping this brightens your day a little and gives you something to look forward to over the next several weeks as well!

Sending lots of love and big virtual hugs to you all!


Shop update:

📅 MONYAY 4/13/2020 at 12 pm Eastern standard time / Detroit


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