Free Coloring Page ✦ Save CC info

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Free Coloring Page ✦ Save CC info
Free Coloring Page ✦ Save CC info
Free Coloring Page ✦ Save CC info

 This is only listed as an item to save your preferred credit card using Shopify Pay.

I will gladly refund this after purchase just leave a note in checkout  thanks!

IMPORTANT: If you plan on using an accelerated payment method like (Apple Pay) you will not have go through this process, but creating an account is recommended before making a purchase is recommended and helpful so you can save a default address.

How to save credit card info for future purchases with Shopify Pay :

  • Create an account ( accounts are to help you keep track and manage your orders and info )
  • Check your email click the link to activate it.
  • Go to my My Account and add an address as a default address
  • Once logged in, add this item to cart and proceed to checkout 
  • Until shopify allows people to save credit card info without purchase this is the best and only workaround.
  • To make sure your credit card info is there go ahead and pretend to purchase this item again without actually checking out and you should see the option to use the same card. :)

This has helped many already! If you need to update your card number doing this will allow you to do so.

! Please let me know if you need help in any way! I’m happy to do so!

Download this coloring page on the blog FREE for fun! Share with me on Instagram!