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W is for Weebeast! N & L

Nichole Lillian Ryan

The W is for Weebeast project continues with letters N and L! 
N is for ninja cat and L is for Loony Lemur!
It’s never a dull moment with these two around! Nepeta is quick to snatch popcorn and Loki, well... keep an eye on your fruit because he has quite a bite! 

Shop update:
📅 MONYAY 9/14/ 2020 at 12 noon  Eastern standard time / Detroit

⏱ a new countdown timer is needed hopefully soon!

SHOP LINK:  https://weebeasts.com 
( please check the FAQ if you’re new!)

 WEEBEASTS for adoption will be:

✦ Nepeta - Ninja Cat Weebeast #267 with quartz life source earth treasure - $85

✦ Loki - Loony Lemur Weebeast #268 with green aventurine life source earth treasure  - $85 ( jointed tail and removable pineapple treats )

5  Ninja Cat weebeasts with quartz life source - $32 each
5 Loony Lemur BB weebeasts with green aventurine life source - $32

Yes both size customs will be available this update on 9/14

Customs info and FAQ:
🧙‍♂️ New to adopting or just have questions about customs... etc?
Wif the Wizard weebeast is happy to assist you here:

peace love and stale popcorn!

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