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W is for Weebeast! Q & P

Nichole Lillian Ryan

Hi pals, the #WisforWeebeasts project continues

With letters Q and P! Q is for quartz and P is for POPCORN of course! Qwynn is full of quartz as her love is shared to all and pal is always super excited and can't wait to have adventures looking for all the kernels he can find!

Shop update:

📅 MONYAY 9/28/2020 at 12 noon  Eastern standard time / Detroit


SHOP LINK:  https://weebeasts.com

( please check the FAQ if you’re new to adopting)


WEEBEASTS for adoption will be:


Qwynn Quartz Weebeast #269 with quartz life source earth treasure - $85

Pal - Popcorn Pal Weebeast #270 with magnesite life source earth treasure  - $85

5  Quartz BB Weebeasts with quartz life source - $32 each

5 Popcorn Pal BB weebeasts with magnesite life source - $32



Yes both size customs will be available this update on 9/28

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