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A Lovely Halloween!

Nichole Lillian Ryan

Tags a lovely halloween, aura quartz, candy, ghost, goblin, staurolite, sweethearts, tigers eye

A Lovely Halloween!

Drop weescheduled to 3/8 @ 7 pm Hiya friends, it’s time for a little bit of that silly Lovely Halloween love! I swear I’ve eaten more than just candy hearts all day 🙃 … but I can’t say the same for these two sweethearts! Xoxo is love struck, he’s got all the sweets for you and Lady Boo will gladly sneak into your place and fill up your candy bowls, it’s what she loves to do! Wee wish you all a lovely Halloween and hope you enjoy some wee-licious candy!💓 Shop update: 3/8 @ 7 pm EST WEEBEASTS for adoption will...