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Wee celebrate A Lovely Halloween!

Nichole Lillian Ryan

Tags a lovely halloween, hematite, quartz, shop update, spooky

Wee celebrate A Lovely Halloween!

Hiya weefriends! Hope you’re feeling up for this years weebeast pals and lots of Lovely Halloween fun! I have to say that Mr. Hansum lives up to his name, just look at that lil bow tie! Luhv-Lee has been playing some upbeat tunes and sharing candy and dance moves! Hope you smile seeing them too, I sure do. 💗 Shop update: 📅 Monyay 2/15/21 at 12 pm Eastern standard time / Detroit SHOP LINK:  https://weebeasts.com   WEEBEASTS for adoption will be: ✦ Mr. Hansum the cuddle spider Weebeast #289 with hematite life source earth treasure - $85 plus shipping ✦ Luhv-Lee...