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What a journey.... Weebeast #300!

Nichole Lillian Ryan

Tags amethyst, aura amethyst, backpack, cloudhopper, journey, milestone, quartz, Shop update, spirit

What a journey.... Weebeast #300!

I’m so excited for you meet my new weebeast friends. There are now 300 of them!! How awesome! I met “Spirit” who can take form of any and all weebeasts she has such beautiful colors! and I also met Journey, she showed me her back back full of goodies and treasures along with the fun of cloud hopping! To share with you weebeast #300 is a emotional and a surreal feeling. Wee are thankful that you are here and hope you will continue this journey with us. Wee Luv you.  Thank you forever and always! 🎒 Her backpack is adorned and...