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FREE weebeasts, with ❤️ from M!

Nichole Lillian Ryan

Tags cats, hematite, in honor, pink beryl, robot, Shop update, with love

FREE weebeasts, with ❤️ from M!

Hiya wee friends, happy to share with you some new friends! They are quite a pair. Mr. Mystery and Reva can’t be split and will be forever staying here with this giggle of weebeasts because they were made in honor of my cat M and his girlfriend the vacuum. To share a little bit of his love to others there will be 4 bbs as a pair and they will be for FREE (listed for .50 refunded after shipping) International will pay for shipping but US will be free. Shop update: TUESDAY 1/4 @ 7 pm WEEBEASTS for adoption will...