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✦ BLOG ✦ — neptune

Blasting off! 🚀

Nichole Lillian Ryan

Tags cat, cats, hematite, howlite, neptune, planets, Shop update, space

Blasting off! 🚀

✨🧶💜🚀💙 Wee Blasted off again into space and found two new weebeast friends to join the party! I think mentioned something about space popcorn, but I have yet to try it… anyhow, let me introduce you to Neptune, and his buddy Kitty Starshine! They both sit on the outskirts of space doing what they do best, sometimes Neptune’s imagination gets the best of him and Kitty may get distracted by space junk, but they are cool pals none the less! They can’t wait to bring you silly smiles. :)   Shop update: Monyay 112/6@ 12 pm EST     WEEBEASTS...