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Feelin sweet!

Nichole Lillian Ryan

Tags cookies, dragon, lapis lazuli, magnesite, Quartz, Shop update, unlocked weebeast

Feelin sweet!

🍪 🐉 🍬Hope you’re feeling sweet, wee sure are! Firstly I would like to announce the first ever unlocked numbered weebeast! Axiom and Dwagon (# 265 & # 266) were wedding cake toppers for Crystal C. I’ve made custom wedding cake toppers before but I’ve never seen numbered Weebeasts used as wedding cake toppers and honor of them being l the first numbered weebeasts to do so, “Utmost” Weebeast #325 was made in honor of this and he will be happily finding his way home with Crystal and her giggle of weebeasts! 💖 More options to unlock Weebeasts exist but...