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The Wee Labs!

Nichole Lillian Ryan

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The Wee Labs!

Ahh, what was that sound?! As wee visit Ka-Boom’s and his lab we can hear a lot of booms, and bangs! He is a mad scientist weebeast and he is determined to create some new weebeast friends! The first one we get to meet  is Curiosity the experimental kitty weebeast! He is full of chaos so popcorn bowls beware! 🍿 Shop update: MONYAY 6/7/21 at 12 pm EST / Detroit   SHOP LINK:  https://weebeasts.com   WEEBEASTS for adoption will be: ✦ Ka-Boom - Mad scientist Weebeast #305 with chrysoprase, Quartz and grape algae life source earth treasure: $85 + shipping...