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Beep Boop - Weebeach!

Nichole Lillian Ryan

Tags aligator, blue, drop, gator, gears, green, hematite, mermaid, pyrite, Shop update

Beep Boop - Weebeach!

Hiya wee friends! Let’s take a dive and visit weebeach where there will always be new friends to meet! Mer-bot  Machina and her jelly tish friend, and Thingamabob the robo-gator clunking along the shore. They hope to bring you sea salty popcorn adventures and more! Shop update: 7/25/22 @ 12 pm EST   WEEBEASTS for adoption will be: Machina- #359 Mer-bot Weebeast w/ hematite life source Thingamabob - #360 Robo-gator Weebeast w/ howlite life source. 4 - Mer-bot BB weebeasts w/ hematite life source 4 - Robo-Gator weebeasts w/ pyrite life source 🏷Pricing: ✦ Big Weebeasts are $85 & BBs...