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Puntastic Pals! Tea-Rex & InvestiGATOR

Nichole Lillian Ryan

Tags aligator, amethyst, dinosaur, howlite, pun, Shop update

Puntastic Pals! Tea-Rex & InvestiGATOR

I hope you’re ready for some fun puns... Tina the Tea-Rex is so excited she has a straw for her favorite tea, and Albeit the investiGATOR has been solving lots of things with his magnifying glass and snazzy monocle Shop update: 📅 Monyay 1/25/21 at 12 pm Eastern standard time / Detroit WEEBEASTS for adoption will be: ✦ Tina the Tea Rex Weebeast #287 with aura amethyst life source earth treasure - $85 plus shipping ✦ Albeit the ImvestiGator Weebeast #288 with blue howlite life source earth treasure - $85 plus shipping ✦ 4 BB Tea Red Weebeasts with opalite...