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✨Two of a crown 👑

Nichole Lillian Ryan

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✨Two of a crown 👑

Hiya wee friends! Two of a kind…or not? Lol. Whether you’re feeling like Erin or Zuri, wee have smiles for you always just plz keep your paws off of Erin’s popcorn stones they are hers and hers alone. Zuri will be sure to shine bright for you on the darkest of days so if you ever lose your popcorn let her know she will guide you forever always. Shop update: 6/20/22 @ 12 pm EST WEEBEASTS for adoption will be: ERIN- #355 Lion Hag/Queen Weebeast w/ amethyst life source Zuri - #356 Quartz Goddess Weebeast w/ quartz of all sorts...