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🐝 Dance with these Bee Weebeasts!

Nichole Lillian Ryan

Tags bee, bffs, buzzing, dance, moonstone, Shop update

🐝 Dance with these Bee Weebeasts!

🍿Grab some popcorn, & let’s meet some new weebeasts! 🎵 The music has been playing though the streets and once I let the sounds carry me around, I met two new dancing bee Weebeasts buzzing around! Izzabelle and Jersey in their favorite colors, so bright, can’t wait to have you dance with them all day and night! Shop update: MONYAY August 23 2021 @ 12 pm EST / Detroit WEEBEASTS for adoption will be: ✦ Izzabelle - Dancing Weebeast #315 with moonstone life source earth treasure: $85 + shipping ✦ Jerzey - Dancing Bee Weebeast #316 with moonstone life source...