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Newbies only adoption event!

Nichole Lillian Ryan

Hiya wee friends!

🎉This is a special adoption event for those of you who have never been able to adopt a weebeast yet!

This will not be like a regular shop update, instead it will be done via email.

  •  Staring at 7pm est 4/28 please read the following:
  • BB weebeasts are $32 plus shipping 

🍿 Here’s the full scoop of popcorn:

Those of you that are new to adopting a weebeast and are seriously interested in adopting one here’s what you’ll need to do:

  • This Weebeast adoption event will be over a 24 hour time frame ( from the time of the email is shared @ 7 pm 4/28  to 7/29 @ 7 pm est) so everyone in each time zone will have adequate time to see it.
  • All you will have to do is email me greetings@weebeasts.com with the subject line as “1st” this will let me know you’re interested in getting your first weebeast!
  • I will get back to everyone ASAP !

✨As soon as I know the number of people interested I will go about this in 1 of 2 ways.

1️⃣PLAN 1- 10 bb weebeasts:

  • I will get in touch with each of you in the order of the emails received for you to choose a bb weebeast from a giggle of 10 different bb weebeasts.
  • First in line would get the first pick of the weebeasts available and next in line will get 2nd pick and so on.... until all 10 are gone. 
  • If some one decides to pass on a bb, I will continue down the emails in order they were received and continue the method until none are left. 
  • These will be ready to ship. 


2️⃣PLAN 2 - preorder bb weebeasts:

If demand isn’t too crazy (let’s say 35 people) I will get back to all of you and do a preorder type of thing with 10 different bb weebeasts.

  • You will get to pick one bb from the image of the 10 bbs that you would like me to make you.
  • Once everyone has picked theirs, I will then make more bb weebeasts similar in likeness of the one you picked. (May slightly vary due being handmade but equally fun!)
  • No changes or customizations will be taken in for these bbs to help keep things organized on my end.
  • These will not be ready to ship as I will need to make them - as soon as I have a time frame I will let everyone know.

Either way, once I know how everything will go I will set up a private listing for those of you who got one to adopt your weebeast on weebeasts.com!

You will need to set up an account with your name and address saved in order for me to to make a listing with accurate shipping for you to adopt your bb weebeast.

BB weebeasts are $32 plus shipping 

Hope this will be helpful to those of you that have been dreaming of getting your first weebeast!

Thank you all so much for your support and love!


P.S. I do have records of all previous order history to check and make sure it’s fair and that everyone that gets one through this is truly getting their first weebeast!

Thank you all so much!


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