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🍄Off to the mushroom fields wee go!

Nichole Lillian Ryan

Strolling though the fields I spotted two colorful friends poking their heads up through the grass and when I got close enough I could tell they were rad! Vato was so peaceful and full of calming energy and Hex shared with me that he’s always ready for some absurdity. I loved spending the day with them, and I hope to do it again! Hope you enjoy these pals too!

Giggle of mushroom Weebeasts

Shop update: MONYAY

7/26/21 at 12 pm EST / Detroit


WEEBEASTS for adoption will be:

Vato - Space Mushroom Weebeast #311 with magnetic star & Quartz life source earth treasure: $85 + shipping

Vato the space mushroom  weebeast

✦ Hex - Psychedelic Mushroom Weebeast #312 with Quartz and dyed howlite peace sign life source earth treasure: $85 + shipping

Hex the psychedelic mushroom weebeast

✦ 4 BB Spacw Mushroom Weebeasts with magnetic star & Quartz life source earth treasure: 32 each + shipping


✦ 4 BB Psychedelic Mushroom Weebeasts with Quartz eye life source earth treasure: 32 each + shipping


🇬🇧  UK buyers: see FAQ for info how orders will be processed to continue to ship to you. If you have any questions please let me ask. 🥰



No customs this update


Customs info and FAQ:

🧙‍♂️ New to adopting?

Wif the Wizard weebeast is happy to assist you here as best he can: 🤪



Thank you, yes YOU! You wonderful being! We are so happy you are a part of the weebeasts world! It’s truly a family and a communi-wee!

There is so much love shared in so many ways and I’m so thankful wee are all here together, whether you’re old or new wee hope we continue to bring smiles to all of you!



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