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BB Egg Weebeast ✦quartz life source

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BB Egg Weebeast ✦quartz life source
BB Egg Weebeast ✦quartz life source
BB Egg Weebeast ✦quartz life source

Freshly hatched and on my way to share joy and popcorn forever and always!


BB Weebeasts are SMALL...smaller than you think ;) they are little bigger than a piece of popcorn. Measuring approximately 1 inch / 2.5 cm in size… awww :)

Included with your BB weebeast is:

  • Matching Wee leaf charm
  • Specimen card with specimen, earth treasure and notes filled in, the name and hatch date is up to you!
  • Nicely packaged - ready for gifting ... or to keep for yourself ;)

Carefully brought to life using artist grade polymer clay. Each weebeast is unique, full of personality and truly one of a kind. Wire armatures are also used to strengthen the piece in delicate areas. Your new friend will last for years to come :)

The sculpted pieces are art collectibles and intended for adult collectors. This is not a toy - not for children Small pieces are a choking hazard

See ‘CARE’ in the FAQ

Thank you - wee luv you!



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