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zombie variants

Nichole Lillian Ryan

 Hi weefriends! It’s zombie party time!

Today Oct 13th at 7 pm EST the next round of the limited edition numbered zombie bb variants will be released continuing with numbers 16-20!

•Only 1 bb weebeast of each specific weebeast will ever be made.

•Each bb weebeast is be numbered and comes with a unique clay charm that is also numbered to match the bb number, this clay charm won't be the standard leaf charm that normally comes with bb's, it’s 🧠 brainz for these guys!!

Each one has a unakite earth treasure for that special zombie feelz! 🧟‍♂️

16-20 as follows:

16 - ‘Fee’

17 - ‘Amber’

18 - Virginia

19 - ‘Muenster Moon’

20 - ‘Bobber’

Thanks! Enjoy!

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