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Hallo-Luau Curse… will you take a sip?

Nichole Lillian Ryan

🍿 You know it’s an interesting time of year when there’s a chill to your bones and a cup of tea full of mystery…

From afar I watched as Claudia Cocktail waited patiently for a weebeast to take a sip from

the mysterious tea, I wonder what it tastes like probably delicious as can be, lol! Then went my friend Eyesore, the cyclops he couldn’t resist making him look a little different. He will share popcorn no more?!

Shop update: Monyay!

10/25 @ 12 pm EST

WEEBEASTS for adoption will be:

Claudia Cocktail - Hallo-Luau Curse Weebeast #323 with quartz tea life source earth treasure

Eyesore - Hallo-Luau Curse Cycops Weebeast #324 with Kunzite / Hiddenite life source earth treasure

4 Hallo-Luau Curse Weebeasts with quartz life source earth treasure

4 Hallo-Luau Curse Cyclops Weebeasts with kunzite life source earth treasure


📦 The Big Weebeasts are $85 & bbs are $32 ( plus shipping )



One bb custom this update

custom Big weebeast start at $100 - bbs start at $38 (plus shipping )

Customs info and FAQ:

🧙‍♂️ New to adopting?

Wif the Wizard weebeast is happy to assist you here as best he can: 🤪


Thank you, yes YOU! You wonderful being! Wee are so happy you are a part of the weebeasts world! It’s truly a family and a communi-wee!

There is so much love shared in so many ways and I’m so thankful wee are all here together, whether you’re old or new wee hope we continue to bring smiles to all of you!




🎉 🎊 🎈P. S.

The chance to win a custom big weebeast continues!

All BIG weebeasts adopted (including custom big) there will be one lucky person that will win a custom BIG weebeast. Winner will be announced on New Year’s Eve...

Big congrats to 2020’s winner Crystal C. who won  for adopting Durnit!

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