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Freezebeasts! Limited edition variants (one free panda!)

Nichole Lillian Ryan

Hi pals!

The freezebeasts say summer isn’t over yet!
The Freezebeast BB variants each have a dash of tiny DT Quartz Earth treasure life source!

❤️ They will be up for adoption 9/1 at 7 pm EST

These are limited edition version of a previous weebeast. 

⭐️Each bb will be numbered and come with a unique clay charm that is also numbered to match the bb number, this clay charm won't be the standard leaf charm that normally comes with bb's. 

The bbs are as numbered :

16 Karla BB freeze beast $32

17 Phoebe BB freeze beast (she will be FREE)

18 Lift Off  BB freeze beast  $32

19 Fee BB freeze beast $32

20 Legacy BB freeze beast $32

preview on YouTube!



☮️💓🍿xoxo Nichole



 no customs this update - variants only 

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  • Hi! I am in love! Please tell me how to win or adopt for the first time ever? I love them all but really like the one with the hearts on the face, the one with the peace sign and the one in a rocket!

    Brendamaris Crespo

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