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Free Panda Weebeasts!

Nichole Lillian Ryan

The next giggle of Weebeasts for adoption will be FREE! I have never done this before with a shop update, but during this time of our lives and with everyone feeling heavy emotions with all that is going on with the corona virus, wee hope yo share a little joy in a different way.


📜Here’s the scoop! 👀

There will be 2 bigs weebeasts and 10 bb weebeasts that will go up for adoption as usual.


🌈 Each one will be listed for .50 cents each ( lowest price I can set, you will be refunded this unless you leave a note in checkout not to.)


💎 Just one important thing.....




if you don’t listen to this one rule and buy them like people are buying toilet paper 😜 🧻 your order will be canceled and automatically put back in stock for someone else to adopt. 🧻 THERE IS BE A LIMIT OF 1 PER PERSON for this shop update!


📦 Shipping? No shipping costs to the United States, I do apologize but any international orders will have regular shipping costs and which will be calculated on checkout.



CUSTOMS WILL NOT BE FREE: There will also be a big custom and a bb custom that will be available at regular custom pricing. Please be aware of that if you are planning on getting a custom, it will not be free.



Wee hope this brightens your day a little and gives you something to look forward to over the next week! Sending lots of love and big virtual hugs to you all!



Shop update:

📅 MONYAY 3/30/2020 at 12 pm Eastern standard time / Detroit


⏱ A countdown timer is at the bottom of the site for helping with time zones 

WEEBEASTS for adoption will be:

✦ Phoebe- playful panda weebeast #245 with turquoise life source earth treasure - $ 0

✦ Patience - peaceful panda weebeast with howlite life source earth treasure - $ 0 


  • 5 playful panda BB weebeasts with labradorite life source - $ 0 each
  • 5 peaceful panda  BB weebeasts with labradorite life source - $0 each


3/30/2020 yessum- one of each size custom will be available! xoxo


Customs info and FAQ:

🧙‍♂️ New to adopting or just have questions about customs... etc?

Wif the Wizard weebeast is happy to assist you here:




peace love and stale popcorn!



🎉 🎊 🎈 The chance to win a custom big weebeast continues!

All BIG weebeasts adopted are entered into a drawing at the end of the year and one lucky person will win a custom BIG weebeast! (yes, this does include big customs adopted as well!)

Big congrats to 2019’s winner Tyler W. who won the drawing for adopting Erf! A whale shark weebeast will be his new pal!


Are You on YouTube? 🎥 🍿

There are now previews of each update, some longer process videos on there, wee would love to see you there as well! Pleas subscribe and share if you can, if there are 1000 followers I will be able to make photo updates and community posts with still photos like on Instagram! Thank you so much!

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  • I love your creations, i especially love the lilac and purple one the best wpuld love to win her!

    Rochelle Winder

  • I Love your Weebeasts, I adopted one a few months back, he is adorable!! I would love to give Russell a little brother or sister!! I hope to hear from you soon!!

    Laurel Nolan

  • I have been following you since a long time and am a big fan of your work if I am lucky enough to win one of these precious baby I would be so happy


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