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Weebeast fan art on a record by Cara Prada


Hi, thanks so much for your interest in making some weebeasts fan art! I'm SO excited to see it!

I only ask that you abide by these simple rules:

  • If you share on social media, TAG ME in the posts/photo. If I am not on that particular media, please mention my name (Nichole Lillian Ryan) and link to This helps me see it and credits me so others are not confused. I don't want to miss the chance to see your art, it truly makes my heart smile!

  • Any medium is ok! I encourage everyone to explore because I sure have, so go ahead, get digital, needle point, paint, crayons, be inspired by whatever calls to you, even clay! But please pay attention to the next rule very carefully...

  • YOU MAY NOT SELL ANY WEEBEAST FAN ART. This should go without saying, but I want to be very clear about it. No fan art of any kind ( 2D, 3D, digital or other works of weebeasts fan art may be sold or used for self gain or profit in any way. Any commercial use of my intellectual property, words names, phrases or designs will be dealt with through legal actions as necessary.

....other than that, have FUN!

It's pretty simple: share the fan art, credit me and don't sell any, thank you for your cooperation and understanding!

If you'd like to send physical fan art to me please get in touch for an address to do so, I would be honored to have it as a part of my growing collection!


 ( fan art used in this blog was the first weebeasts fan art I ever received, sent to me from Cara Prada -  xoxo)

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